Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blackwater Magic and Spooky Bass

Another trip down the Blackwater and much to my delight the clear water conditions are persisting up bright and sparky the other morning and down fishing for 5am cannot remember the last time,it has took me some time to work this Essex shore line out certainly one of the Hardest areas in the UK to fish and fathom out ,certainly miles tougher than the Bass Mecca they call Ireland. Bazza my guide for the day on his very first cast nailed a silver bar of around 2lbs he was delighted ,
5lb Blackwater Bass a suberb fish for the river

above a superb 5lb+ Bass smashed the River To Sea Rock rover 98 up there with the best small surface lures.
That Lure Again

We Had a Fantastic mornings fishing 9 Bass 7 of which were in the 3-5lb bracket and Bazza lost a real Croc right at his feet , bit of a bummer but there is always next time.

Spooky Under Water Picture
I bought a new camera a Fuji XP60 6m/20ft water proof and shock proof from 5ft so above i took what i think is a very spooky picture of a bass under water and the the camera is still working ,just the job. Thanks For Looking,,,, Gee


Andy Barmby said...

well done gee looks like its all coming together now.
hope it continues for you mate

Graham Hill said...

So do I andy,it's been superb this year up to now,but today the estuary has started to colour up,,,


Anonymous said...

Where snouts are you on the estuary. Which marsh?