Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blackwater Bass Guided Fishing in Essex

Took out a guided trip today down my local Blackwater, there has been a few bass around and with exceptional water clarity i called one of my regulars Chris and off we went on a red hot day i had planned for some experimental High Tide fishing then moving on to some close up and personal Lure Bass Fishing,the day could not be better.

Black water Bass fight hard and in the mood for off the top
 I opted to take Chris to fish the high tide but to no avail we moved to area ready for the ebb Long casting and deep wading order of the day

Gee with a nice plump blackwater Bass on the ZClaw
 The Mullet ZClaw was absolute mustard today off the top is king in the blackwater for the hard fighting feisty Bass.

A nice 4lber on the ZClaw always unhook in the water with the grips
 the fish were going good and my man chris was in his element then some really tidy fish came along we were in bass heaven,and before you ask yes Chris he was asked by me be and i got permission to fish ,a big mistake mate.ha ha

looks a happy chappy the Bass are going mad in the warm weather
 Oh Gee the bass are bouncing

The Jap weed is a certain fish attractor
 The Jap weed is alien to our shores the estuary has loads and more to the point the Bass Love it.

upside down harry
 a great day had by all total 10 Bass to 4lbs not to be sniffed at and every fish returned alive and well superb fishing not 20miles from London Thanks For Reading Gee


Guy said...

Encouraging stuff. I fish in north Essex and it's been a struggle this season. The fish just don't seem to be showing off the top like last year. I reckon they've gone south! Nice to see someone's getting stuck in.

Graham Hill said...

Some great fishing this year it's so refreshing