Saturday, August 13, 2011

Essex Megabass

Had a brilliant day down the black water estuary yesterday when it all came together,no wind clear water and the Bass were playing Ball for a change 14 bass in all and all returned safely to the estuary my favourite kind of Bass fishing is Estuary fishing for Bass and in my experience the hardest to work out and in the county of Essex a part of the world where there are thousands of bait fishermen but lure fishing in the area seems to come a lowly second  best to most anglers due to the harsh conditions  and poor water clarity,,
When the conditions are staking up in your favor and you are capable of working out the conditions even in the not so lure friendly county of Essex the sky is the limit the fish are there for the catching,,heres a few snaps of my day to remember in Essex,,,

clear conditions were the order of the day a rare occurrence in the blackwater

edome lazer edonis X92 we call it the alien eye and certainly worked in Essex

some nice bass started to show

well fed too plump hard fighting blackwater Bass

one off the top the lure is bigger than this little scrapper but next cast  a 4lber,,,

An Essex scrapper on the way in ,,,

at the end of the day i had a great session on the calm waters of the blackwater and for some moments in that evening i was back in my home place of SE Ireland the bass on lures and fishing was that good, all i can say is dear Blackwater and Essex Thankyou for sharing your bass fishing it is superb


Jason said...

Hello mr hill my name is Jason, I am quite new to sea fishing, I to fish the blackwater with lures with great success. I am really interested I how ur catches are so good my record it 4 fish In a two hour session. I would be really grateful if you could give me some tips or you seem to fish there quite often maybe il see you down there?

Anonymous said...

My email is

Will Harding said...

nice fishing Mr H, cracking photos also

Frank Simón said...

Hi Graham.

Seems you had a good time which is what it’s all about. Estuary fishing is also one of my favourites, although I tend to go less in summer. I lived in London all my life (until I moved to Spain about 9 years ago) and I never knew about the Blackwater in Essex, we live and learn, although a little late for me now.

All the best and Happy Fishing. Frank.

Anonymous said...

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birtybass said...

Tried the mark myself on the 20/8/2011 water was about 60% clear but still produced three on a shallow diver spro lure biggest 3.5lb.
Agreat little spot Mr Hill i have to say,i will be out again soon.

TonyMaldon said...

After reading about your success I tried plugging at the gravel spit where I think you fished. It was a really bright day on Sunday, and the water was really clear. I tried for two hours with various plugs but no sign of any fish. I might try again though, but with ragworm tackle as well to increase my chances. No idea why the bass were not about, seemed like a perfect day. There were three of us and no- one had a take. Regards, T

TonyMaldon said...

After reading about your bass success me and two mates tried at the gravel spit where I think you fished on Sunday. It was a bright day, clear water, but no takes or signs of fish. We used a variety of diving plugs but no success. Maybe we'll try again but with some ragworm as a backup!