Monday, August 8, 2011

Reflections of Chesil

Left home at 12.30am to pick up Adrian and fly down to the mighty Chesil Beach meeting up with Graham hk fresh in from the East, sadly the Master of Chesil Mark Pad couldn't join us on this occasion was away with the family but with some great advice from him we went on for a Bass Trip on one of the most untamed beaches in the world ,
Chesil is a Daunting and dangerous place and certainly not a beach for the unwary and inexperienced ,make sure when you ever go down there that you are prepared with water and the essentials for a long trip also physical fitness is paramount,the picture below shows the intense heat that can roast you on the beach Graham has scarf face protection and of course reflective blue Costa de mar sunglasses just the job for bright conditions
 On a long stint over on the beach we will take kettle ,water and mashing facilities,plenty of fire wood over there a frying pan ,tin foil wont go amiss either
 Camp Bastian2 we hung around for the weather to darken off bright conditions and calm were not working ,the Bass were not playing Ball at all so we decided to hang around for the tide there will be a chance with the cloud gathering,wind picking up from the south on the gathering tide,,
In the mean time, i went Rubbish spotting i cannot think of a place on this earth that gathers so much rubbish from drift wood to computer hard drives ,,Brilliant there are loads of flotsam to explore i found fishing floats,bungi rod straps,crocs,torches,nets,highlighter pens,ballpoints and much much more its an education

Eventually we made a move from our temporary camp and managed a few fish off the beach, well Adrian and Graham hk had a couple Each off the Top here's Adrian with a 4lb fish on a Lucky Craft gunnish the Bass were moving but the water conditions were crystal and Bass tendered to just sniff at the lure and turn away,,the guys did well to catch at all ,
On reflection we had a great day out even though the fishing was not on song,,We know Chesil Beach but if you want to Lure fish around this area the man to get hold of is Mark Pad he is the Master off of this unpredictable,daunting most beautiful part of the world you will have the time of your life with Mark Guiding you but remember Mark Operation is 100% catch and release,,,
some would say Chesil is the 8th wonder of the World,,i know i would,,

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Peter C said...

I love the image of the kettle up against the bedpost. I take it the sausages were demolished before the photo was taken ya. Nice, best of luck, Peter C.