Monday, May 18, 2015

Rise to the challenge, Ascension,

For a few weeks now I have been preparing myself for a trip of a life time down to the South Atlantic Ascension island ,,
This is a work trip we are bringing the airfield up to scratch around a 6 week programme of works cannot say too much about the contract but cant wait for this one I would say a trip of a lifetime flying from Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to Wideawake airfield in Ascension a 9hr Flight to the remotest island in the world dot that that thought give you a Buzz when you can take as much fishing gear with as you can carry!!!!!!

box of goodies going to ascension
I would at this time like to thank some good people in this fishing world,, first Andy Barmby from Bridlington for supplying me with some awesome top water lures that will smash them Tuna and Jacks I am sure ,,
Mark Padfield for selling me his go pro black 3+ I think I will have some fun with this joe and Barry for listening my ranting on,
and of course Seven Seas pro shop for some great shore rods,lines and Reels the have supplied ,they have been really good to me not like some UK Based trash,,

got the old VS 150 going too,,
all my gear is now down at Southampton ready to sail with our Vans ,Pick ups and machinery
I will meet it on the 17th June on Ascension

So a challenge to say the least and thanks to all ,,
I have a few Bass trips to fit in before I go but it somehow does not feel the same with those shore caught Tuna Crying out,,
for now,,


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Essex Bass fishing

  • Let's hope the bass fishing blossoms like it did in 2014 in and around the SE of England has been so refreshing For me top lures were ,,,
  • Zenith Z-Claw mullet
  • Patchinko  500g
  • Duel silver dog 90
  • T Phelps 86 mullet all not cheap lures with the exception of the silver dog 90 we are looking at cheaper versions that will work as effective as the above

Had some superb Bass fishing in 2014 all off the surface so refreshing ,,
Here's a couple of pictures that made me up,,,,

All of my fishing is done in and around essex nowadays and the results are quite astonishing,,,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bass smash and grab

The Blackwater never ceases to amaze me a place where the skill of the angler can shine through a place where watercraft is king and putting your money on pure luck just won't cut it ,
Look on a map and you will see a expanse of water pointing North East with the sea faring town of Maldon at its Head and Bradwell on sea at the mouth leading into the North Sea.
The Blackwater has the largest expanse of estuarine saltings in the UK a total and utter wilderness with large sky's and sunsets to die for ,supporting wildlife of all descriptions from Adders to Avocets a purely remarkable place no more than 20 miles from horse guards parade in London.

Access to fishing areas is afraid by foot or on your bike and there is no easy access to any of the great fishing this diverse place has to offer.

By far my personal favourite in the estuary is the z claw surface lure off the top with that Bass fly flier sitting around 6 inches from the nose of the lure. Standard walking the dog is not the case here
The most effective way of fishing the hard running estuary is to again to trot the z claw and do not retrieve the lure just let it go down the run holding it back with the odd twitch to give that ball bearing a little tap!.
In the mean time the flier will be slowly sinking and rising with the action of your rod tip under the floating z claw when your lure is at distance feeling for takes is the answer but these hard fighting estuary bass play smash and grab  and it's great fun I have landed fish up to 5 lbs this year but hopefully the Bass will get a better size soon but what great looking fish.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blackwater Bass Pictures

Catch and release has always been on of my main things with my Bass fishing to see a bass or any fish for that matter a living thing that has given you loads of pleasure  swim off can give you a great buzz on my guiding trips it's C@R only a great discussion point the picture  below a fit 5 lb bass slashing it's way back to the estuarine waters great to see giving you the feel good factor.
a success for the angler and in a picture a record of that moment for ever. 

When unhooking bass be careful with the trebles ,I find using forceps' are one of the best tools for the job a firm grip and out the hooks {barbless} come ,,you need to keep the Bass bloodless and Fresh ,

I Love taking photos of the Bass I catch or any one else fish  for that matter so I suppose this makes us sports fishermen but to handle and keep the fish fresh for its big day and the photo call is quite a difficult task, Bass in my experience can be calmed down in a pool of fresh sea water by gentle touching giving the fish a calming and non threating approach and you will find that feisty Bass that Smashed your lure and gave a great account of itself becomes a pussy cat for the shoot, 

Above even small Bass can be made to look good in the right hands once the fish is calm grip and hold but not too tight but a must when taking a picture of a Handsome Bass is that spikey dorsal erect please here's a tip just wiggle your finger at the back of the fishes backside and up the dorsal will come. I have been around Bass for some time now and it amazes me how many guys don't take pictures of Fish The Catch,,
No excuse on your own either the Bass below is a average picture but a Handsome fish and a picture with depth,
I have wrecked many Cameras and Mobiles over the years .
 I now have a Fuji fine pix XP 60 up to 6m deep water proof and 2m shock proof guaranteed 3 yrs
Perfect for my needs and will take a quality picture that would grace the front cover of Sea Angler ,  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Pair from Zenith

Below I just bought a smaller zenith lure the Carol 80 mm designed by Azu Hayashi a sit up action that drives those surface feeding bass to take with very little movement ,this lure sits up at around 30* to the surface casts well and now has entered my go to box very impressed fist tim out accounted for som nice fish.

The carols slightly bigger brother the z claw phelps 86 below, but a smaller version of the brilliant zclaw 100 ,the reason I have got these lures is I have missed a lot of fish off the top this season and the theory is get a smaller lure this has started to help,
Phelps 86
had some super fishing this year and the Black water using the trotting surface method  this is where you cast the lure into a run and simply let it go with no retrieve and the odd twitch as the lure runs down the current.

A Nice pair two at a time off the top in the Black water

Well the lures did work bazza and myself doubling up on some nice bass on the essex Blackwater a pure feeding frenzy off the top is a sight to behold,,


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blackwater Magic and Spooky Bass

Another trip down the Blackwater and much to my delight the clear water conditions are persisting up bright and sparky the other morning and down fishing for 5am cannot remember the last time,it has took me some time to work this Essex shore line out certainly one of the Hardest areas in the UK to fish and fathom out ,certainly miles tougher than the Bass Mecca they call Ireland. Bazza my guide for the day on his very first cast nailed a silver bar of around 2lbs he was delighted ,
5lb Blackwater Bass a suberb fish for the river

above a superb 5lb+ Bass smashed the River To Sea Rock rover 98 up there with the best small surface lures.
That Lure Again

We Had a Fantastic mornings fishing 9 Bass 7 of which were in the 3-5lb bracket and Bazza lost a real Croc right at his feet , bit of a bummer but there is always next time.

Spooky Under Water Picture
I bought a new camera a Fuji XP60 6m/20ft water proof and shock proof from 5ft so above i took what i think is a very spooky picture of a bass under water and the the camera is still working ,just the job. Thanks For Looking,,,, Gee

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blackwater Bass Guided Fishing in Essex

Took out a guided trip today down my local Blackwater, there has been a few bass around and with exceptional water clarity i called one of my regulars Chris and off we went on a red hot day i had planned for some experimental High Tide fishing then moving on to some close up and personal Lure Bass Fishing,the day could not be better.

Black water Bass fight hard and in the mood for off the top
 I opted to take Chris to fish the high tide but to no avail we moved to area ready for the ebb Long casting and deep wading order of the day

Gee with a nice plump blackwater Bass on the ZClaw
 The Mullet ZClaw was absolute mustard today off the top is king in the blackwater for the hard fighting feisty Bass.

A nice 4lber on the ZClaw always unhook in the water with the grips
 the fish were going good and my man chris was in his element then some really tidy fish came along we were in bass heaven,and before you ask yes Chris he was asked by me be and i got permission to fish ,a big mistake mate.ha ha

looks a happy chappy the Bass are going mad in the warm weather
 Oh Gee the bass are bouncing

The Jap weed is a certain fish attractor
 The Jap weed is alien to our shores the estuary has loads and more to the point the Bass Love it.

upside down harry
 a great day had by all total 10 Bass to 4lbs not to be sniffed at and every fish returned alive and well superb fishing not 20miles from London Thanks For Reading Gee