Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Pair from Zenith

Below I just bought a smaller zenith lure the Carol 80 mm designed by Azu Hayashi a sit up action that drives those surface feeding bass to take with very little movement ,this lure sits up at around 30* to the surface casts well and now has entered my go to box very impressed fist tim out accounted for som nice fish.

The carols slightly bigger brother the z claw phelps 86 below, but a smaller version of the brilliant zclaw 100 ,the reason I have got these lures is I have missed a lot of fish off the top this season and the theory is get a smaller lure this has started to help,
Phelps 86
had some super fishing this year and the Black water using the trotting surface method  this is where you cast the lure into a run and simply let it go with no retrieve and the odd twitch as the lure runs down the current.

A Nice pair two at a time off the top in the Black water

Well the lures did work bazza and myself doubling up on some nice bass on the essex Blackwater a pure feeding frenzy off the top is a sight to behold,,


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Anonymous said...

What state of tide and weather are best for the black water??