Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breakaway Gataride Tip Of The Season

For a couple of Years now i have been fishing with what i think is the Finest Bass lure around the Megabass Zonk Gataride so much so i have now started selling them through my company Megabass Lures UK Ltd,,

The decision to sell the Megabass Zonk Gatarides was not taken lightly by me simply because of the fragile diving vane that these lures sport on the yoro yoro or hi pitch versions ,,
to Newer anglers to our sport paying £22.95 or even more in the case of certain Tackle shops out there and we all know who they are,, for a lure then rendering it use less after 2 casts if caught up,,even Tackle Dealers do not mention the bib on these lures with the exeption of veals that state to be carefull in the 2010 mail order catalouge,,
People who know me, do know that i like to think out of the box especially when applying a lure fit for purpose as in my opinion the Gataride is the Best Bass lure around and now for me its just got even better ,,
this is what i do for my Customers at Megabass lures is look into problems and solve them ,,not sit back and claim to use the lures and bank the fat profits ,,,,,,,

step 1,,

Get a feel for the movable bib on your Gataride Zonk

Step 2 ,,

turn the Gataride on its side and inspect the underside of the movable bib and you will see 2no nodes Protruding above the main stopper These make the Gatarides bib a total lock situation


File off the nodes flush with plastic stopper

step 4,,

with a steady pressure Press the bib back on itself if it feels too tight file a little more off and try again

presto!!!! then with a click the bib will dis-locate ,,this neat little feature as far as i am aware is the first time this has been Talked about in the Lure world Certainly in the UK

A safety feature that will protect the bib and your investment in the Lure
Then Click the bib back into the original engaged position and then the Lure is Tuned For Action
And Remember you saw it here first on my blog


Anonymous said...
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Graham said...

That is where you are wrong replacement bibs are ok been making them (lazer cut polycarbonate)for long enough now,,,,
but i want a Gataride and not a made up bodged zonk 120 ,,,as i have said i have put up my proposal and stand by the brilliant idea that must be tried,, Please in the future identify yourself before posting here you are entitled to have your oppinion thats granted ,,,

if not your post means nothing and typical of the self oppinionated attitude of the few idiots from elitist forums

Anonymous said...

Great prices on your lures Graham - keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh what a surprise, My posts have been deleted-Shock horror.
A word of advice to anyone reading the above drivel, Speak to some one that knows what they are talking about-which isn't Messer Hill that is for sure.
Ripping people off with poor misinformed advice is a shabby thing to try and do.
But then Shabby is a pretty accurate discription, shabby angler, and a very sad shabby little man.

George said...

Great lures at great prices. Combine that with tips like this that work and I will do it every time.

As for the anonymous idiots rambling drivel, ignore it.

How is this "misinformed advice". Tried it, it works, and it adds value at nil cost to a great lure.


seabassfishingonline said...

Dear Anonomous ,,thanks for your kind comments and your input into my personal blog site,,,
Lure Forum mentality no doubt,,,,keep up the great work

George ,,thanks for your kind comments you as hundreds of others can see what we are trying to achive here with the gataride not like some idiots that think they know it all,,

Jim said...

Hi Graham
just filed my brand new gataride(Cains new shop..great price)..was nervous as hell..5 seconds filing and job just like on yer vid...
well played


Jim said...

that lure caught me 2 nice bass tonite..woohoo

Jon said...

Just seen the above video clip. Wish I was aware of this before hand - I am now going to go give it a go.

Keep the advice coming