Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Absolute Fishing Ireland

These are the sort of fish that my great friend Cian O Halloran will be wanting to put his clients on who visit his new shop Absolute Fishing in Tramore Co Waterford Ireland ,,

Cian is opening a all new Sea Angling shop and fair play Tramore and the close surrounding areas are at the Epicenter of Bass Stocks in Northern Europe,,

As a accomplished Lure and Bait Angler Cian will be offering advice on marks, tackle,Bait and Lure for fishing for the Bass mecca of Co Waterford and beyond
Stocking Megabass,Delalande,Sebile,Lunker City,Tackle House ,IMA,Lucky Craft and many many more,,

I have fished many times with Cian and have had some fantastic days fishing ,i have always found the Earlie's are the best especially when we all piled back to Cians House for breakfast after bagging a couple of nice Bass,

i can smell them bacon and eggs now,,,,that reminds me ,,

Hows Mrs O Halloran ,,

this is the quality of Bass available on Cians Doorstep in the right conditions every day of the week a superb specimen pushing 8lbs

Personally i wish Cian all the Luck in the world with his new venture and cannot wait to get moved back to Shady Nook next year to help him in any way i can mabey he will take a few peelers,,,a man can only stand so much crap Bass fishing make no mistake Ireland is the place if you want to catch some serious Bass,,so make a point when you are there to visit Cian at Riverstown Buisness Park,Tramore,Waterford,,Opening on or about the12th June 2010,,

well i hope so for when we arrive over for a Bassathon at the end of June,,,,

for initial enquiries you can contact Cian on

00353877540315 or

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Spitfire66 said...

best of luck to Cian (top bloke)!!!!

how good is that to have a specialised shop down in bass country......

cant wait to get over again!

hope the new venture goes well (how can it not?)