Monday, May 10, 2010

The Komomo Light show

This is the new Anchovy Ghost" Colour no 15 "Komomo 2 from IMA The Lure was made in 2009 but this is a 2010 Colour,,,looked nice with a fine finish as always from this japanese high end lure company ,i am realy not a photographer certainly not to the standards of Henry or Joe Stepi but have to be snapping these lures for my site and Blog,,

at times i experiment with flash photography to my mind brings out a inner self or BASS EYE View of refracted light off of the Flanks of the lure the Komomo 2 became at that moment very close to me ,,Take a look at the following refracted light photos ,They Stand out from the crowd without doubt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
stunning is the only word i can find to describe the Rainbow colours

a Flash Head Shot,,loosing the colour

The Colours start to blend do theses refractions just annoy the Bass

A Transformation of Daytime colours to the flash of refracted light under water simply stunning

I am Realy going to give these superb lures a go this season you can get them here for some great prices

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