Monday, February 8, 2021

YO-ZURI Fish The Best

One thing i love doing on cold winter nights is scoure the farthest points on the internet looking for lures i feel will work on my marks i lean towards surface lure fishing nowadays and gear myself up for just this type of fishing i know tried and tested over the years producing Bass to the surface Lure bringing lures to attention such as the vulture and savage gear panic prey14g surface lure and by the way the v2 is my top surface lure in estuaries 

This Little beauty The Top Knock pencil i found last week a Glass 3D prism finish is really something else from the forgotten Company of UK and Ireland Bass fishing Yo-Zuri. The Build and finish are first class a stealth surface lure.

At 100mm and 18g i have give it a run out on the Deben it sits at rest as the z claw and lives up to its name Knocker i am 100% certain that this little gem will be a worker as summer rolls on,

This picture shows you the clear glass magnifier and the holograpic inside the lure this for sure will tempt a shed full of Bass i got this if you are into your surface fishing from Lurecandy ebay,,
The Best part is for a proposed top Bass Lure £11.04 delivered 

Stay Safe


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