Monday, May 18, 2015

Rise to the challenge, Ascension,

For a few weeks now I have been preparing myself for a trip of a life time down to the South Atlantic Ascension island ,,
This is a work trip we are bringing the airfield up to scratch around a 6 week programme of works cannot say too much about the contract but cant wait for this one I would say a trip of a lifetime flying from Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to Wideawake airfield in Ascension a 9hr Flight to the remotest island in the world dot that that thought give you a Buzz when you can take as much fishing gear with as you can carry!!!!!!

box of goodies going to ascension
I would at this time like to thank some good people in this fishing world,, first Andy Barmby from Bridlington for supplying me with some awesome top water lures that will smash them Tuna and Jacks I am sure ,,
Mark Padfield for selling me his go pro black 3+ I think I will have some fun with this joe and Barry for listening my ranting on,
and of course Seven Seas pro shop for some great shore rods,lines and Reels the have supplied ,they have been really good to me not like some UK Based trash,,

got the old VS 150 going too,,
all my gear is now down at Southampton ready to sail with our Vans ,Pick ups and machinery
I will meet it on the 17th June on Ascension

So a challenge to say the least and thanks to all ,,
I have a few Bass trips to fit in before I go but it somehow does not feel the same with those shore caught Tuna Crying out,,
for now,,


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