Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Essex Bass fishing

  • Let's hope the bass fishing blossoms like it did in 2014 in and around the SE of England has been so refreshing For me top lures were ,,,
  • Zenith Z-Claw mullet
  • Patchinko  500g
  • Duel silver dog 90
  • T Phelps 86 mullet all not cheap lures with the exception of the silver dog 90 we are looking at cheaper versions that will work as effective as the above

Had some superb Bass fishing in 2014 all off the surface so refreshing ,,
Here's a couple of pictures that made me up,,,,

All of my fishing is done in and around essex nowadays and the results are quite astonishing,,,


Jimmy said...

Awesome pics.....

Looking forward to spring

Prem said...

I'm aiming to do some bass fishing this year. Previous years I've only been jigging for Mackerel (successfully I might had) but its time to up the ante!

Great pics!

Dan said...


Great blog! I currently only fish for carp but cant wait to start fishing for Bass!
Keep the blogs coming


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