Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blackwater Bass Pictures

Catch and release has always been on of my main things with my Bass fishing to see a bass or any fish for that matter a living thing that has given you loads of pleasure  swim off can give you a great buzz on my guiding trips it's C@R only a great discussion point the picture  below a fit 5 lb bass slashing it's way back to the estuarine waters great to see giving you the feel good factor.
a success for the angler and in a picture a record of that moment for ever. 

When unhooking bass be careful with the trebles ,I find using forceps' are one of the best tools for the job a firm grip and out the hooks {barbless} come ,,you need to keep the Bass bloodless and Fresh ,

I Love taking photos of the Bass I catch or any one else fish  for that matter so I suppose this makes us sports fishermen but to handle and keep the fish fresh for its big day and the photo call is quite a difficult task, Bass in my experience can be calmed down in a pool of fresh sea water by gentle touching giving the fish a calming and non threating approach and you will find that feisty Bass that Smashed your lure and gave a great account of itself becomes a pussy cat for the shoot, 

Above even small Bass can be made to look good in the right hands once the fish is calm grip and hold but not too tight but a must when taking a picture of a Handsome Bass is that spikey dorsal erect please here's a tip just wiggle your finger at the back of the fishes backside and up the dorsal will come. I have been around Bass for some time now and it amazes me how many guys don't take pictures of Fish The Catch,,
No excuse on your own either the Bass below is a average picture but a Handsome fish and a picture with depth,
I have wrecked many Cameras and Mobiles over the years .
 I now have a Fuji fine pix XP 60 up to 6m deep water proof and 2m shock proof guaranteed 3 yrs
Perfect for my needs and will take a quality picture that would grace the front cover of Sea Angler ,  

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