Thursday, January 27, 2011

Viva Espania Asturias

 In these cold months of winter my mind often wanders off to the days of catching a few Bass on Lures of last and previous years in the warm early morning ,,this blog has a bit of a following from Spain so this is where  the our Idea of looking at the fishing for bass in  our winter climate came from obviously not the first to try it but will break the barren winter months up with a chance of some superb bass fishing,,

Here's a few landscape pictures i have selected part of superb coastline of  Asturias Northern Spain It is situated on the Spanish north coast (Bay of Biscay) facing the Cantabrian Sea.

Check this guy out Robalo Spin He nails some really Nice Bass from the area

Some of these marks look the top drawer similar to the copper coast in Ireland a mass of rocky peninsula's and sandy ,shingle coves,,

I know a mark not dissimilar to this in Co Wexford
Rugged or what
This Trip has been Simple and cheap to get organised with a flight from Stanstead straight into the local airport on the coast,, a bunch of us are coming over on the 17th of February to the 21st February we are staying at La Cass Apartments will let you know what they are like after the trip as all the other details flights connections and costs 
Heres a few lures coming along for the ride
 Nabarone 150 Cotton Candy
 Robox shad with articulated storm 50g Fish Head
 Nabarone 150 Sand Bora
Finally the Sazuke 140 Cotton Candy

This coastline looks  a large minnow Heaven and cannot wait to get to grips with it will keep thing on the blog and wish us all luck!!!!


RG said...

Hello Mr. Hill.

I am a cantabrian seabass fisherman. I am from Gijon (Asturias), and practise shore and inshore spinning.

I know a lot of spanish fishermen who go fishing to Ireland and it is becoming a "hot point" for seabass angler in my country.

I think humans want whatever they can't have ;)

Anyway, Asturias is a beautiful place to practise fishing or get some relax, but Frebruary is not the best month because of the weather. April or May problably are the best for spinning.

You can see sea conditions in .
I like W-NW wind direction up to 9knots, the same wave direction up to 2m (I like 1,5m in most places) and period between 7 to 11 . I think are the best contions for seabass.

Abaut lures, long cast slim minnows are probably the best choice (Saltiga Slender 17, Tide Minnow 175 Slim Flyer, T.M.150 Surf, Max Rap 15-17...and Nabarone 150 as you show). In surface, Z-Claw, Patchinko and Sammy 115.

Medium Heavy or Heavy power rods between 9' to 11' and 20lbs braided line with 0,43-0,50mm shockleader is what I recomend because of sharp rocks and shallow water. I use to go with a Fireblood 270H and Stella 5000SW.

If the sea conditions are calm, you should have some light lures as Sasuke, Flash Minnow 110 Ghost,Nabarone 125 and softbaits and dicrease the shockleader diameter around 0,35mm.

I wish you get fun and I'll be glad to guide you if you need in Asturias. Some friends and I go fishing every weekend we can.



Graham Hill said...

RG,,,Thanks for yor advice it is great that anglers can interact from different countries ,,we are keeping our fingers crossed with the weather as you do all over the world of Bass fishing in Winter months,super stuff with the lure advice too we are all experienced Bass anglers coming over so meeting up would be great for all of us

Spitfire66 said...

Graham - it would be great to meet up with RS (the locals really know their stuff!)

Perhaps RS can tell us how to get a " Licencia de pesca marítima de recreo (orilla)"

@ RS - we are having terrible problems getting a license in advance - the form at is only in Spanish & requires a NIE number (we only have passport numbers) - can we get them on arrival quickly? (we fly into OVD) - any idea where we get them & how long it takes?

I have also written to the people at but no answer yet



Adrian Rogers said...


Would be great to meet up, looking forward to fishing your beautiful coast.


RG said...

Hello Spitfire66.

I am looking for information abaut this. I think that your Irish License for shore fishing (not for freshwater) is accepted in Asturias because of being in European Community, but I am not sure.

I will ask some friends abaut this and I'll tell you.

If you have Skype or Hotmail account, I could inform you easier.

In the case you have to get spanish license, I think it is quickly. Don't worry abaut this.

Spitfre66 said...

Thazs really kind - still waiting to hear back from the Ministry - funny thing in a way - we all want to fish legally (we even practice C&R)
Im sure it will work out

Look forward to meeting (you can mail Graham via the site no problem)



Graham Hill said...

Great interaction guys,,just what we need to set us off on a sucssesfull trip,,

RG or any other help ,,email


thrall061 said...

Canadian Style Fishing!!!


muy bonito tu blog amigo y preciosas fotografias aqui te dejo mi blog
un saludo desde españa

rafferty said...

Yes a NIE number is required for a licence but it is obtainable from the main police office (centro gestor) as "certificado de registrado de ciudadano de la Union" @ about 14€. takes about 2 hours to obtain.Shore licence is 14€ for 5 years if brought through government office in port Mussel Gijon instead of 30€ / year for tourists. Paaddy Mick

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