Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Legend that was Bass Alley

Heres a few pictures from 8years ago ,you can tell that by little Arron and Carol both looking in amazement at a wonderfull silver sided bass bagged off this once wonderfull high producing
section of coast ,,sadly this area through shifting sands does not exist any more so i suppose this is a small tribute to an area of coast Carol and I christened Bass Alley a place where dreams were made

Carol stuck into another nice Bass pulling here slowly down the alley take note of the small width of the channel in the next 8 yrs thisgot eventually filled on and the channel ceased to flow

Carol stuck into a hefty Bass in the bright september sunshine

its not the bass in the picture its the sweeping bend of the shingle beach alighned from the rocks in the background that is the holding feature for Bass in this area


Anonymous said...

Great start on the blog Graham, looking forward to seeing more. Myself and Wendy (my wife) are fishing obsessed (although no so much in the naff weather we've been having over here in the UK recently) and are looking forward to spring and Bass fishing on Anglesey more this year than any other year I remember.

We went to SW ireland last year, Beara Peninsula, didn't do to fantically fishing wise but damn - what a fantastic place.

Good luck with the blog and with the fishing in the coming year.

Sea Fishing and Walking in the UK

Anonymous said...

That comment reminds me - i really should write an entry in my blog about last years Irish adventure - I'd completely forgot to put anything in my own blog about it.

Sea Fishing and Walking in the UK

Graham Hill said...

hi stu,,

thanks for the comment on the blog if ever you come to ireland again buzz me ,,i know lads that can put you in the right place in SW Ireland

Unknown said...

Bass Alley was brilliant. Seems that I now have to work extra hard for the bass!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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