Saturday, January 25, 2014

Travel Rod a set of golf clubs and a Turkey

Travel rods seem to be a fishing tool that is a necessity but can be so expensive well after breaking my AFAW 8ft travel rod a couple of seasons back i was very disappointed that the tip of the MK1 could not be replaced ,,so beware well i decided any travel rod could do so i went on EBay to have a look ,,
The Trully 240 MH High Performance
So just have a look at what i got from china ,,,, sent me for 35 quid from china fishing ,all i can say 5years ago this rod would be £250 and the revelation of all time,,, high performance Travel rod i wont only use this rod on my travels that's for sure.

Here is my Son Arron on the 18th Green at the Montgomerie MAXX ROYAL Turkey
shooting a level 72 Par well done mate

Turkey always amazes me with some of the best sunsets in the world The fishing was not that good but theres always next time

Had a great time in turkey and the Travel Rod was Brilliant Cheers till next time Gee

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