Friday, March 2, 2012

Megabass Xslayer the ruin

After a bit of deliberation I recently purchased a pack of AYU Super Xlayer from Japan ,This purchase was never intended as a which hunt a point the finger at all i wanted as hundreds of other Bass lure anglers want was the AYU X Slayer ,that just seem so rare in the UK and Ireland at the moment keeping anglers on the edge of their pants waiting for stocks to arrive,,i couldn't wait ,,,,and what a surprise i got!

Megabass Super Xslayer AYU from Japan

Below is the model of Xslayer that is sold now all over the UK and Ireland  i find it quite astonishing that most or nearly all tackle dealers have all the old pictures of the XSlayer up (The original) on their online shops,,

             absolute fishing 

So you ask yourself what is the old fool banging on about today i would say its all about Quality and that The Great British and Irish Anglers as far as the X Slayer is concerned we are getting ripped off yet again the batch below came from Ireland and are a second batch of Slayers That Cian got in at Absolute Fishing after sending the first batch back to the suppliers for bad quality they are definitely better than the first lot but compared to what the choice the Japanese anglers have make your own mind up,

Megabass X Slayer Golden Shad sold in all outlets in the UK and Ireland

UK Slayer,,size difference

Glass Rattle totally in the wrong position over the horse shoe indent this affects the total tail action of the slayer

The sleek fine crisp cut of the ayu Japanese (Bottom) with the rattle in the correct position you can see the cold joints of the hand pour

This picture defines the way the rattle is inserted the Japanese Slayer is obviously mould injected giving a more accurate position,, with the rattle positioned after the slayer is stuck from the mould

The difference in quality just stands out a mile

 So make your own mind up but i know where i am getting my X Slayers in the future i do not really understand why we as anglers get this sort of deal or even put up with it from Megabass,wholesalers and tackle dealers and when we are supposedly so finesse with the best Rods ,Reels ,Braids ,LRF,HRF going for discussions long into the night on Forums and the like its so sad that we go to such high quality on all our tackle ,but this truly Iconic lure has been done a disservice by the build quality and supplied to the UK! and of course the Cost.


Nico said...

Hi Graham,

The Super X Layer (injected) is the evolution of the original one (hand mold).
It doesn't concern Japan VS UK or Europe. The original packs that we can buy yet in the shops are parts of the current stock that will be substituted by super X Layer in the next months all over the world.

Mapachoo said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. Im now checking the moulding quality of all types of lures.Have noticed quite a bit of variety in soft lure quality even with the same batches.