Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well Carol and her mom have just got back from a trip to the  far east for a couple of weeks having a bit of women time i just fell into work and looking after Arron while she was away ,but hey it was worth the wait with a few goodies brought home for me to sell on the open market in the UK is she a absolute diamond bringing theses little gems back for US!!,,,,
 just feast your eyes on these Gems now in stock at megabass lures ltd heres a sample of pictures of the new lures available

The aka kin Miyabi vision 100 sw
Zonk 120 Hama Iwashi

Megabass Edonis x-92 SW Bass Lure

Megabass Zonk 120 Ringo Starr my personal favourite

THE RINGO STARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!a collectors item

THE MIYABI Vision 100 SW Crusing Blue

EDONIS MISSILE 17g pure muscle GG Iwashi 

Megabass Gataride Yoro Yoro singetsu Iwashi

Megabass Edonis X-92 aka kin

Megabass Zonk 120 Teaser

If you want to get a full description ,views and Prices have a look here at seabassfishing

Dont forget its the Opening of Absolute fishing on sunday the 24th of October I will be calling in and Carol my lure smuggler will be there with me and  Henry will be along too,,,i hear there is certainly a great prize up for grabs in a raffle 


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