Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Bass on Crab( Part 1)

Bait fishing has always and will always be my first love for bass fishing light tackle fishing can  be achieved with bait in certain locations 3oz lead simple running ledger rig ,,watercraft needs to be good and is all important reading the tides conditions and of course refreshing the bait,,
Her es me pumping a peeler crab into Bannow Looking for the big one
 Below you will see a prime condition peeler crab ,male peeler crab, the ultimate bait for bass nothing else can compare from September to Christmas for Irish Bass In estuary's I Have a few traps in the Estuary for this wonder bait and love collecting them it make you one with nature and boy takes some getting right

Male Peeler even in the moult are so aggressive
But make a fantastic bait for Big Bass
First the smaller Bass appeared
then 12lb stunners like this can appear to crab baits for this angler that was staying with us at shady nook Ireland
Crab baits are simply the best way of catching bass out there,but the dark secrets of catching the prime peeler crab take it from me it is very difficult to work out,,, tides ,times ,sizes,where and when to set traps,weather systems ,crabs have been around since before the dinosaurs so i would imagine they can predict a storm coming and when they do its deep water order of the day,,
bait fishing is so good especially when the bait is the best and bass will become plentiful to the distinct musky smell of the male peeler,,,
In part 2 i will explain in detail how and where to set crab traps for best results for the best prime crab for your bass fishing,,,,
Iam off to Ireland on thursday so cant wait and have missed the old bait fishing,,bring it on!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a great time fishing lol Ero xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !
I´ve recently discovered your blog and I like it very much !
I can´t wait to see the second part, I am too an entusiastic of "Crab fishing" xD.

Greetins from Portugal

Peter said...

Hi Graham, Great blog. I think what you do is great and I love the pictures. I admire someone who follows their dreams and who can make a good living out of it. I find it difficult to get good peeler crab from the shore bad timing I guess. I fish all year round and love it. It is the best sport in the world and even better when you can share it with someone. I wish you continued success in the future. All the best P.C