Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Light Rod Fishing (LRF) Target Mullet

As i approached Steve i recognised him from yesterday we were both having a mooch on the local estuary looking for signs of life ,,Any good!! i asked got a nice one in the keep net ,whats that then ,,a mullet came his reply ,,nice one too.,,around 10lbs my mate has just gone for the scales,,WHAT!!! 10lbs i stammered,,had my camera too,,
so Steve fished on with tales of monster sea trout ,chub,double figure carp,Bream,Dace and Bass!!! OMG!!! my head was spinning,some learning curve this fishing,just when you think you have it then some other challenge comes along with a dirty estuary in the offering,,

Above a wild Essex very tidal estuary over grown with flora and fauna possibly a place for large mullet and Bass mixed with all manner of Freshwater species,,

I asked Steve if i could have a look at the fish in the net and then before i could see it i got the tale of how long it took to land ,,100yd ripped of my reel on the first run and the fish gave four of these in the 20 minute fight ,,Looking at Steve's gear a roach rod with a 2500 size fixed spool 5lb line float attached bottom only 2BB shot on to a size 14 hook and double red maggot,,can this fish be that big?? and thinking there are certain people that should see this rig up,,

As Steve lifted the Mullet out of the Keep Net I then realised that this fish was certainly the biggest i have ever seen landed on rod and line ,,what a fish it looked like a striper!!

We zero the scales and placed this monster in the weighing sack ,,the scales drew out at 9lb,6oz below,,a result
and what a monster fish by any means

Above the Specimen Scales showing the Mullets weight of 9lb 6oz the present shore record is 14lb 2oz i think caught in the 70s and the boat is 10lb caught in the 50s so this is a half tidy fish and Steve says he has seen bigger on the Estuary

Steve with his 9lb 6oz of pure muscle The Grey Mullet target species what a fish on very very light gear ,,if it did not have that typical head you could mistake it for a Striper

Again a great looking fish and ain't Steve the proud angler a super achievement by a very talented angler who reads the water, tides ,conditions and keeps his gear light and gives his self the best chance of a specimen like this by cutting his odds,,

Well Done Steve on a tremendous Fish the biggest mullet i have seen caught on rod and line 5lbs line at that,,,,,,,,,,

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