Thursday, February 2, 2012

Duo Lures Thinking Japanese or are we????

The 175 flier advanced line in sand eel a well known slow sinking Bass Catcher but What is your favourite target Fish

Tremendous detail that the Flier comes with

Distance casting is the way to fish the 175 flier successfully,, casts like a bullet and is a killer for the European sea bass at range,, try one of these custom rods for this method of angling Dorset rods
the American St Criox is a crazy distance Bass Rod a string to your fishing and you will not look back,,,

Below is the very versatile 145 SLD-S Sinker again a personal favourite  of mine (H02 Cotton Candy) and this lure does catch Bass and other species as well again a very detailed distance lure,

Check out the Sea Trout below caught off the shore in the open ocean superb detail within the Duo lure will fool these top predators in the clearest of waters

Try and win a few of the Duo lures from Japan  in their online and facebook competition,, i wouldn't know the answer with quality like the Sea Trout about ,,,but,,

So the contest question is:

What species do you fish for? What is your favorite fish target?
Curious to read the answers – with fans all over the world, I`m pretty sure that the results will be much more varied this time.

Have a look,,


iWalton said...

Wow, those lures look swell.

I fish for spotted bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass, plus sunfish/bream.

Fishing Blog said...

Oh wow that gassy rainbow colored lure looks Amazing!