Monday, September 19, 2011

Tiemco sprat 130 simply the best,,,

Mackeral red / pink belly Tiemco sprat great looking well made Bass catcher

 I got one of these little gems in Sand Bora colour quite a while ago and i have been impressed ever since so when i had the chance of  a few more i just could not resist the superb shape and colours of theses handsome and well made Bass catchers below is the silver Bait ,,,black back red belly this lure is not the best caster out there has the weight transfer to assist ,the rolling action is simply the best with the unbreakable bib ..

 Below the Pink Tiemco Sprat a colour that in any lure is one of my favourites well made and a joy to fish with  a lure that grabs the roughest of water ,rolls and dives between 60cm and 90cm makes life a little easier,,

 I cannot believe with all the Hype with lure in the world of lure fishing today that this sure fish catcher has not been picked up by a distributer or tackle shop owner,,,,
obviously,with no reports of this  fantastic lure and  because you cannot get this lure in the uk today in all the new products available it seems a shame that tiemco take a back seat ,,,or the tried and tested only !!!the lures to go with,,,,

this lure is,,
one of my go to lures in my box and thats for sure,,in September and October and the back end  one of the best,,,

I  got three of these great additions to my lure box for less than £40,00 delivered from europe  now that is what i call value for money for a proven  fish catching lure,iam not selling these lures but if you want more info catch up with me at


Neely320 said...

Lures look fantastic - where did you manage to get them? I believe, although have not tried them yet Maria lures to be very good. I have a few of the well respected Yo Zuri Mag Poppers and the action is second to none. But i have to many surface lures and really need some shallow divers - anybody have any recommendations? My budget isn't massive so all thoughts welcome!

Graham said...

There are more shallow divers out there than you can shake a stick at I would recommend the K2 ,gataride yoyo
Feed shallow, all great shallow lures