Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Pair from Zenith

Below I just bought a smaller zenith lure the Carol 80 mm designed by Azu Hayashi a sit up action that drives those surface feeding bass to take with very little movement ,this lure sits up at around 30* to the surface casts well and now has entered my go to box very impressed fist tim out accounted for som nice fish.

The carols slightly bigger brother the z claw phelps 86 below, but a smaller version of the brilliant zclaw 100 ,the reason I have got these lures is I have missed a lot of fish off the top this season and the theory is get a smaller lure this has started to help,
Phelps 86
had some super fishing this year and the Black water using the trotting surface method  this is where you cast the lure into a run and simply let it go with no retrieve and the odd twitch as the lure runs down the current.

A Nice pair two at a time off the top in the Black water

Well the lures did work bazza and myself doubling up on some nice bass on the essex Blackwater a pure feeding frenzy off the top is a sight to behold,,


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blackwater Magic and Spooky Bass

Another trip down the Blackwater and much to my delight the clear water conditions are persisting up bright and sparky the other morning and down fishing for 5am cannot remember the last time,it has took me some time to work this Essex shore line out certainly one of the Hardest areas in the UK to fish and fathom out ,certainly miles tougher than the Bass Mecca they call Ireland. Bazza my guide for the day on his very first cast nailed a silver bar of around 2lbs he was delighted ,
5lb Blackwater Bass a suberb fish for the river

above a superb 5lb+ Bass smashed the River To Sea Rock rover 98 up there with the best small surface lures.
That Lure Again

We Had a Fantastic mornings fishing 9 Bass 7 of which were in the 3-5lb bracket and Bazza lost a real Croc right at his feet , bit of a bummer but there is always next time.

Spooky Under Water Picture
I bought a new camera a Fuji XP60 6m/20ft water proof and shock proof from 5ft so above i took what i think is a very spooky picture of a bass under water and the the camera is still working ,just the job. Thanks For Looking,,,, Gee

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blackwater Bass Guided Fishing in Essex

Took out a guided trip today down my local Blackwater, there has been a few bass around and with exceptional water clarity i called one of my regulars Chris and off we went on a red hot day i had planned for some experimental High Tide fishing then moving on to some close up and personal Lure Bass Fishing,the day could not be better.

Black water Bass fight hard and in the mood for off the top
 I opted to take Chris to fish the high tide but to no avail we moved to area ready for the ebb Long casting and deep wading order of the day

Gee with a nice plump blackwater Bass on the ZClaw
 The Mullet ZClaw was absolute mustard today off the top is king in the blackwater for the hard fighting feisty Bass.

A nice 4lber on the ZClaw always unhook in the water with the grips
 the fish were going good and my man chris was in his element then some really tidy fish came along we were in bass heaven,and before you ask yes Chris he was asked by me be and i got permission to fish ,a big mistake mate.ha ha

looks a happy chappy the Bass are going mad in the warm weather
 Oh Gee the bass are bouncing

The Jap weed is a certain fish attractor
 The Jap weed is alien to our shores the estuary has loads and more to the point the Bass Love it.

upside down harry
 a great day had by all total 10 Bass to 4lbs not to be sniffed at and every fish returned alive and well superb fishing not 20miles from London Thanks For Reading Gee

Sunday, February 9, 2014

IMA Scarecrow Pencil Jointed Super Lure

At Last a company that has took on a pattern that has been ignored by the Revelation of MODERN LURE FISHING apart from the Jackson jointed effort a casting lure,basically the modern lure scene emerged in 2004 in the UK and Ireland at which point the rapala and the SJT were the kings of Jointed Bass Lure fishing ,,now this new jointed IMA lure has been developed in Japan and i must say looks great a certain match for the SJT with a very similar action and we all Know how good the SJT is ,,even though past over by the modern scene,to this day the SJT is a top Bass Lure and this jointed lure from japan seems to emulate the pre Era ,,,,,

Take a Look at the action of the Scarecrow in the video and you will see the resemblance with the pre modern era of jointed Bass lures i am really exited about this lure i would say not a great caster at 15g but for surface shallow and sheltered estuary lure fishing a killer

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Travel Rod a set of golf clubs and a Turkey

Travel rods seem to be a fishing tool that is a necessity but can be so expensive well after breaking my AFAW 8ft travel rod a couple of seasons back i was very disappointed that the tip of the MK1 could not be replaced ,,so beware well i decided any travel rod could do so i went on EBay to have a look ,,
The Trully 240 MH High Performance
So just have a look at what i got from china ,,,, sent me for 35 quid from china fishing ,all i can say 5years ago this rod would be £250 and the revelation of all time,,, high performance Travel rod i wont only use this rod on my travels that's for sure.

Here is my Son Arron on the 18th Green at the Montgomerie MAXX ROYAL Turkey
shooting a level 72 Par well done mate

Turkey always amazes me with some of the best sunsets in the world The fishing was not that good but theres always next time

Had a great time in turkey and the Travel Rod was Brilliant Cheers till next time Gee

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Pool Of Death

The Pool of death ,,,,this video was shot a couple of miles upstream from my place on the Blackwater last may,, a diverse place for wild life and in the middle of summer where i have nailed a few schoolie Bass off the top and seen Mullet to double figures caught on the float, This estuary as all others really get me going mabey its the crossover from fresh to salt its just very interesting with the fresh to sea thing and i know its difficult and boy its a devil to work out expecially where the Bass are concerened ,,but with my experience in the world of fishing and expertise in exploring esturine enviroments i am going to try to work it out using my blog as a media ,,, just take a look at the pool of death video and you will then get that feeling of what the Hell,,,
So did yo like that ,,great there were carp and other of not only fresh but sea water species as well swimming side by side in the brine of the estuary,, all the best and tight lines till next time Gee

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Beginnings

Well i am sat here at my desk in our new home ,yes moved again ,and cannot believe that it was 5 years since Carol,Arron and i left Ireland the ups and downs of them last few years and the massive demise of Ireland as a viable country to live in. Now we as a family can say we are not going back to ireland any time soon as far as we are concerned a chapter that is now closed. We are very settled in our new home alongside the Blackwater and there are exiting times ahead,,

River Blackwater at Dawn (MALDON ESSEX)

So,what about that sunrise this morning over the blackwater could not resist it ,a rising tide at dawn love that senario pity its January but i am sure the Bass and other species will be on the move soon enough Below theres a few lures i have been testing out today sent down from a mate of mine in Bridlington ,Andy Barmby thanks mate , had a little giggle when i opened the package then with a second glance these lures similar to the pencil lures i have moaned about for years but looked strong ,well made with diverse colouring and weight  

AYU Colour 30g Sinking Pencil Bait (HANDMADE)
Got the AYU Pencil wound up on the cast and off it shot a country mile first thoughts were typical North Yorkshire Design a sinking lure with no real movement on a streight retrieve lead out lead in sort of way but still a great colour in the water, next cast found a whole different lure with just a flick of he wrist and a constant retrieve the lure walked subsurface with darts that even pushed he lure airborn without even trying these lures are a proper fishermans lure that can be controlled by the angler,well done Andy with the construction and application i have a couple of marks lined up for this lure and i am sure the pencils will have their day i am sure. To contact Andy to have a chat about these lures catch him on 07548656173you wont be dissapointed .. Tight lines Till next time Gee

MAD DOG 100f 16g super lure

Made in China well in my eyes they have sorted out a few bad press problems with this beatiful lure a well crafted lure that sits really nic...